My name is John Campbell and I have been helping people become successful for many years. I am a writer published in over 80 countries, a creator of many profitable financial trading systems (oil, gold, The Dow, currencies, etc.), and a high risk, high return investor. My background is in IT and for a time I was a psychoanalyst because I wanted to understand the workings of the subconscious mind.

   I'm currently in Tenerife, ten minutes drive from the capital in a magical little town called Candelaria. We have no winter and January has many beach days.

    What I am offering is unusual to say the least and most people are suspicious because it sounds too good to be true! So this website is an attempt to allay any fears and allow to to make some background checks on me. My latest project is my Managed Forex Accounts below (click to go to the website). As a measure of clients' trust and my reputation, this went from zero to over $100,000 in three months and is now on its way to a quarter of a million.

      I am probably best known for my 'Rich Lazy Trader' below (click to go to the website). This is well-established and very successful and has hundreds of users all over the world (possibly exceeding 1,000 by now).

    I have reached the stage in my life where I literally can make as much money as I want - over a million a year if I wanted. However, I am content to take life very easy and just make enough to be comfortable and have money in the bank.

    I like to pass my knowledge and understanding on and so I came up with the plan to take one suitable person a year and make them financially independent and able to be successful anywhere in the world. This is a live-in, all expenses paid opportunity and that's the view from your bedroom on the right.

   Drop all your silly programming about having to work hard to be successful - that's nonsense and designed to produce compliant slave workers. Truly successful people don't work, we play! We only do what we really enjoy and money is a bye product. Life is for fun and to be happy, not working hard, not being a 9 to 5 slave for the Corporatocracy...

    Being successful is not about doing the right thing, it is about having the right mindset, the right belief system. We are programmed from birth to believe that we can't have this, we can't do that, everyone gets sick, you have to get a good job. Our dreams all end up with a 'but' at the end! I want to travel the world but; I'd like to quit my job but, I like to (insert something suitable) but - and so it goes on. We have been brainwashed into believing we can't have and do what we want.

   Here's some more pictures of Tenerife. You will find it a spectacularly beautiful place with friendly, loving people, a perfect climate, good food and incredible diverse scenery from exotic beaches to dense forests, from deserts to snow capped mountains, Tenerife has it all.

Mount Teidi in winter.


Las Teresitas beach, Santa Cruz

Above is the capital, Santa Cruz - voted by the Guardian Newspaper as the best city in the world in which to live.

     Did you know that Central Banks are privately owned and collude with your government to steal money from you? This 12 year old knows and explains how it works in Canada but every country is the same. 100% of income tax goes to pay off government debt on money created out of thin air. Stop being a slave to a corrupt system and become free...